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Karlington Philosophy

"Consistently Doing the Best Right Thing"

At Karlington, our rich professional foundation - berth and scope - allows for leadership to act with tactical expertise while continually adapting to & implementing best practices, of which we are held accountable to.

Core Values – 

Consistent & dedicated effort coupled with honest & ethical business practices. 

Company Moto - 

Consistently Doing the Best Right Thing

Statements to reflect upon -

  • Do the right thing.
  • Suit-up & show-up. 
  • Results take consistent effort. 
  • Learn sportsmanship, to win gracefully & lose with pride.
  • Some things are outside of a persons control. 
  • Life is not always fair; 2nd place is not the winner ... & that is ok. 
  • Listen & watch. 
  • Be thankful.  

Photo Tribute to Karl, 2009 - 2018.